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Athabasca Canyon Run

Jasper Family Rafting Athabasca Canyon Run
Raft beautiful Athabasca Canyon on a half-day whitewater rafting adventure from Jasper. The Athabasca Canyon Rafting Run is a fun, family-friendly Class 2+ rapids. Start rafting at the base of Jasper's Athabasca Falls and enjoy the 7.5-mile (12-km) stretch of athabasca river with a certified river rafting guide. This 3.5-hour rafting adventure includes all equipment and transport from downtown Jasper, with both morning and afternoon departures are available.
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Family River Rafting

Athabasca River Mile 5

Jasper Athabasca River Mile 5 Family River Rafting
Have a lot of fun Rafting the Athabasca River! Raft Jasper with your small group from Mile 5 section of the glacier-fed Athabasca river. This section of Athabasca river is great for a river rafting introduction as it begins with an approximately 10-minute float before the class II rapids. Enjoy the gentle thrill of some bumps and splashes on your roughly two-hour family river rafting adventure. A soft rafting adventure perfect for kids and beginners, that includes round trip transport from Jasper.
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Family River Rafting

Scenic Athabasca River Rafting

Jasper Athabasca River Easy Scenic Rafting
Enjoy Jasper National Park's scenic views on a gentle Athabasca River Rafting Adventure. The small group rafting float trip takes you down several miles on Class II rapids. Expect a few splashes along the way, but nothing scary. Your raft guide shares stories of these Jasper areas and its inhabitants while you sit back and enjoy the rafting ride. Enjoy this family adventure on the Athabasca river suitable for those aged three and up. Life jackets are provided for safety and ponchos keep you mostly dry.
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Athabasca River - History

The Athabasca River is a historic waterway for First Nations people and the fur trade. The Shuswap, Kootenay, Sekani, Salish, Stoney and Cree tribes hunted and fished along the river prior to European colonization.

Athabasca River Rafting - Athabasca Falls

From about 1778, the Athabasca River was a key part of the main fur trade route from the Mackenzie River to the Great Lakes.

The Athabasca River and its tributaries have provided vital transportation routes for First Nations and Métis inhabitants, early European explorers, and Canada's fur trade. Athabasca River flourishes with vegetation, mammals and waterfowl that populate the basin, as well as the fish in the Athabasca River and Lake Athabasca. Athabasca River has provided essential sustenance and materials to sustain traditional First Nation lifestyles. Numerous tribes hunted along the Athabasca River, including Stoney and Cree, Sekani, Shuswap, Kootenay, Salish, while Chipewyan, Cree and Métis settled in the Lower Athabasca region.

In 1778, Peter Pond established the first fur trading post along the Athabasca River near the delta, and was key to establishing trade routes and furthering exploration. Cree people along the Athabasca River played an essential role as trappers as well as voyageurs of the fur trade. The fur trade facilitated Métis settlement along the Athabasca River, where they hunted and established farms.

In 1811, David Thompson, along with an Haudenosaunee guide named Thomas, crossed the Rockies through Athabasca Pass, which served as an important transportation route for many years. Jasper National Park, in the Upper Athabasca River, was created in 1907, displacing the Aseniwuche Winewak Nation from their traditional territory, who were forced to settle downstream or north of the Athabasca River.

Jasper Athabasca River Rafting

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